Fundraising! Here to help

At IAMtheposter, we understand the importance of fundraising for schools. Whether you are looking to raise money for new computer equipment or exercise equipment for children, fundraising forms a very crucial part of the process.

However, over the last 12 months, there is no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the way in which schools raise money. In fact, it’s fair to say that the entire fundraising process, whatever it might be, has been put on hold. With children out of school and then returned to school and with all fundraising events postponed for the foreseeable future, raising any kind of funding has been impossible.

We appreciate the incredible amount of work that schools and PTA’s put into these events, ensuring that their pupils do not miss out on vital equipment or even school trips. Furthermore, we also understand the role that parents play in this and how they like to contribute towards the education of their children. We like to think of it as a collective process, where everyone plays their part with the children eventually benefitting.

As all fundraising events are postponed, it’s important that alternative options are explored but this can be time-consuming and challenging for those who would usually take control of the fundraising organising. As a result, we believe that we have the perfect solution for the current situation but also for future fundraising.




Children at heart!

The last year has taken its toll on the emotional and mental wellbeing of our children. Now more than ever they could use powerful, positive affirmations to remind them of what they can achieve and how great they are.

We exist as a company to help with that. Our beautiful poster prints at IAMtheposter are designed to remind children they are loved, valued and capable of greatness. We believe they are the perfect way to start and end each day - with a huge dose of inspiration and confidence




What Solution Do We Have? 

We’d like to help you raise money for your school while helping children rediscover their confidence.

We want to work with schools and PTA’s, by providing another fundraising outlet.

With a percentage from each sale returned to you, using a unique code for your school or PTA, our posters give you an incredible, hands-off way to raise funds for your school. Simply reply to this email and we’ll set your school or PTA up with your unique code so you can start raising funds straight away. All you’ll need to do then is spread the word; we’ll handle the entire process from order to delivery.

Here to help, please contact us on 08000096710 or @ for further details

So, let’s raise some funds whilst raising confidence and joy!